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Run for the Hills

by Halfway to Forth

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rider69 ~~~Every time I get in the car to go surfing (New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Boston) I play this tune~~~ Favorite track: The Martians.
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Halfway to Forth's Debut Album.
10 Original Tracks.
Total Runtime: 40mins.


released January 11, 2013


all rights reserved



Halfway to Forth Adelaide, Australia

Halfway to Forth blend different styles of roots music into their own brand of earthy, homegrown and honest song-writing. Brothers Dan & Kyle deliver tight vocal harmonies, banjo driven ballads & toe tapping grooves for all ages. They take their name from the location of their family home, nestled in the hills, surrounded by rich farmland just outside of Devonport on the North coast of Tasmania. ... more

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Track Name: Johnny Appleseed
In a dream I met the man called Johnny Appleseed
And he said “I’ve come to help you out, in any way you need”
And I go where no white man goes
And I sleep where the cold wind blows
But right now I’m here for you

Hey Johnny Appleseed man let me shake your hand
You know people say you’re crazy but I sure can understand
Bare feet become hard as stone
You walk a road you can call your own
No wonder they welcome you, livin’ true!

Hey Johnny Appleseed I’ve heard about your deeds
You know livin’ free in harmony with nothin’ but your seeds
Just look how your trees have grown
Never missin’ a sign you’re shown
They could not keep up with you!

Thanks for droppin’ by John, my yard was lookin’ plain
But those seeds you planted years ago are branchin’ out again
Out into the great unknown
With a lesson not told but shown
And I sure gotta thank you, livin’ true

Sittin’ in this traffic jam I’ll tell you what I need
to pick an apple from the tree of Johnny Appleseed
Track Name: The Martians
Took a flight across the ocean, ‘bout as far as you can fly
Bought a van in Massachusetts, just my brother and I
My brother and I

Headed north up to New Hampshire, straight ahead on 93
Trees are rising up around us, just like water in the sea
Water in the sea

Had a swim in Pennsylvania, saw the corn in Illinois
Drove across the Mississippi, thought about those old blues boys
Old blues boys

Saw the sunrise in the badlands, watched the bear cubs as they played
Saw a monument of faces, and the grave where Wild Bill laid
Wild Bill’s Grave

Spent a night in Sin City, watched a man disappear
Took a hike into Grand Canyon, made me grin from ear to ear
Ear to ear

Read the news down in Roswell, ‘bout the martians who came
Went climbing down in Carlsbad, to the bottom of the cave
Bottom of the cave

Had a drink down in Memphis, over on Beale Street they played
Sold the van back in Rhode Island, flew back home the next day
Track Name: Hold Me Now
Oh! Hold me now. Wrap my hands in yours ‘till I feel better.
Speak to me now. In these dark days I need you more than ever.

‘Cus I lost my mind in the flicker of a TV screen
And I murder my days keepin’ hold of a holy dream
But there’s a woman at the door with a debt that she can’t pay
And for a fifty dollar bill she can wash your windows

And I can pay what it’s worth but you’re bleedin’ me for so much more
As the devil disappears through fractures in the floor
And the man in the suit keeps lyin’ like he breathes
for a fifty dollar bill shakin’ hands in the back room.
Track Name: Nobody Slow Dances Anymore
We’re living so fast it seems a crime to move it slow
All fuelled up and fighting at the end of every show
And how I wish people swayed, like they did times before
But nobody slow dances anymore

The more that I’m shown, it seems the less that I know
So babe come in close and kiss me long and kiss me slow
But the DJ is playing songs fit for starting up a war
No wonder nobody slow dances anymore

You’re 25 going 40 by those lines upon your face
but you keep your life speeding at a neck breaking pace
you should turn off your phone, play this song and lock the door
but nobody slow dances anymore

And I don’t know why, it makes me want to cry

It’s way past my bedtime, I’m still at this bar
My mind’s slowly drownin’ like a pickle in a jar
so give me your hand and I’ll take you to the floor
Even though nobody slow dances anymore
Track Name: Perfect Day
My honey pie and I paid a man to leave us stranded on an island
And with rope and stuff we found, lyin’ all over the ground, we made our home
She’s all that I desire, finding driftwood for the fire on our island
We got nothin’ but our love and the starry sky above the fire flame
Oh it’s a perfect day

I see somethin’ that I like in a rusted up old bike that’s bound for landfill
And I spend a lot of time bringing back a bit of shine from yesterday
Now I can get from A to B, and it’s absolutely free yes I’m gone
And I’m rollin’ out the door, headed for the record store with my babe
Oh it’s a perfect day

I got a stack of old LP’s that my mother gave to me back in Rhode Island
Now there’s Crosby, Stills & Nash, JJ Cale and Johnny Cash in my home
I lay down on the ground and as the record spins around I’m gone!
Now I got music in my ears, sippin’ on a home brew beer in the shade
Oh it’s a perfect day!
Track Name: My Home
Made a trip back home, to the place where I grew up
Haven’t been there for a while, some things weren’t the same
Most things remain unchanged

I pulled up to the house, ‘bout 12 am that night
My family were in bed, they were sleeping tight
I’ll see them when they rise

I’ll always call this place my home
My home, my home, my home, my home

My sister’s all grown up, she’s singin’ her own songs now
My brother has a van, he’s busy with his life
But they are still the same

My mother heats the stove, she’s making our favourite meals
My father’s in the yard, he’s workin’ on the house
Some things will never change
Track Name: A Few Things
Love. She gives me love. It’s wrapped in an old piece of pillow case or it’s the best cuppa tea that I’ve ever tasted.
Laugh. She makes me laugh. With her flatman bag full of bottle caps or the triceratops sittin’ on my dash.
Drunk. She gets me drunk. And when I try to match her glass for glass, I know I’m gonna end up on my ass.

And there’s a few things I’ve been meanin’ to say
Honey you’re the reason I’m a happy man today
A few things I’ve been meanin’ to do
And one of them was to write this song for you!

Smile. She makes me grin. When she throws all her shoes in the fireplace and then I tell her she’s pretty and she hides her face.
Strength. She gives me strength. ‘Cus I can see even though she’s mighty small, well her heart and her soul stands ten feet tall.
Sugar. She’s got that too. Brightens up my afternoon when I’m feelin’ blue
Track Name: If Time Was
Those good old days I hear about, they seem so long ago
I’m running cold and hungry from these bad new days I know
And if walkin’ back in time was just like walkin’ through a door
I would take you out to dinner back in 1954

A woman takes her son to school, her husband works the mines
He’s flyin’ in and flyin’ out and she says she doesn’t mind
But if time’s a box of matches, with each match a single day
Well you could see her candles burning from a thousand miles away

A city man says “Son, I’m gonna tell you what I need.
For my hands to break the ground apart so I can plant a seed
And if time was like a blanket and I could fold it with my hand
Well I would leave this city life behind and buy myself some land”

For her sons a dying mother writes a book to leave behind
“Hold on to my memory and to all the love you find.
And if time was like a dog and I could make it sit and stay
Well I would give us all the time we want before I slip away.”
Track Name: This Boy
So there’s this boy with a hole in his sweater
And there was this girl who made everything better
Now his heart’s like a full red balloon
As they race to the Sunday School room
Under the train bridge asleep in the sun
With her hand in his pocket, feet covered with mud

So there’s this boy with a love like a fountain
And with his girl on his arm, to the top of a mountain
And as they looked down on the village below
Those seeds that they’d carefully sewn
Found no place on the mountain to grow
So he ties up his laces and he comes down alone

So there’s this boy with a chip on his shoulder
Runs a hand through his greying hair, he’s afraid to grow older
And every year on his birthday
He tells his family and friends go away
“Cu’s I’m happy the age that I am.”
Let this boy stay a boy, ‘cus he’s not yet a man
Track Name: Not Alone
All these hills rising up around me
And these roads, they have no names
With every breath I feel my soul awaken
And I know I’m not alone.

She takes the time and gets to know her own heart
Then she moves from strength to strength
When she goes, I’ll be thinking of her
And she’ll know she’s not alone

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